The dictionary meaning of the word ‘escort'.

Cambridge English Dictionary quite simply defines an escort as a person who accompanies someone. But when we talk about escorting as a modern day industry, the word takes on a slightly different meaning. The word escort as used by the escorting industry means a man or a woman who gives company to strangers for a fee. The fee that is charged for can be for any services ranging from accompanying to an office party or a social meeting, watching a movie and may in most cases mean and understood to include a consensual sexual encounter.

The ways of the escorting industry

Some people prefer to call it as modern day call girl. It is presumably a euphemistic way of addressing the people who work in this field as an escort girl or an escort if he is a male. The majority of the escorts are called to give their clients good company, sometimes in public at large shows and sometimes at home watching a movie together.

Who are their clients?

Anyone who wants to spend their time with an escort may call on the agency and choose an escort from a catalogue that is mostly available online. People with high paying jobs leave their city/country and they have a sexual urge they prefer to do it with an escort. Even normal people may employ an escort if they can afford to.

How can a person contact an escort?

The VIP escort service is more or less an organized industry where the catalogue of all the escorts is online on a craigslist on their site. The agency that hires them puts up their photographs along with a short write up on them which includes their vital statistics and also the services that he or she has to offer along with the price.

When a person wants to choose an escort, he logs on to the internet on such websites, chooses the one he wants and calls up the agency to fix up an appointment with the escort. Once that is done, the escort is well on her way to the client’s place. The payment is preferred to be paid up front before the act. Usually, the escort agencies hire cab drivers on duty who carry the escorts to and fro to their client’s place.

What could an escort do for you?

Escorting is fun

The girls that participate in escorting, love their job. They are fun and charistmatic girls that have respect for themselves and their body. They love to spend time with people, and enjoy fine meals, good company and time together with their friends. An escort could provide you with a moment where you are centre of attention, this can help build up your self confidence.

Escorting is private

Nobody knows that you are hiring an escort, nobody is made aware of the service you are paying for. To everybody else you have an attractive girlfriend and in a loving partnership. If you prefer a more discreet service, then escorts can be the perfect companion that listens to you, that wants to make you happy and will give you a massage if you are in pain.

Escorting has no obligations

When you have a wife, or girlfriend you may feel a sense of duty or obligation to achieve certain levels of achievement. An escort will enjoy your company and your personality for who you are, not what you do. They will spend time knowing you intimately. The escorts are charismatic and fun, with a great sense of humor so you will have hours of fun.

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